Preliminary background research and site analysis are conducted prior to the the completion of all reports and field work.


A Great Egret soars in protected lands.


Historic Districts like the one pictured (The Mount Morris Historic District, NY) are included in GCE SHPO/NEPA reports if they are located within a certain radius to any of our projects. GCE Historians determine the affect any new developments or projects will have on these districts.

NEPA Land Use Screenings


What is a NEPA Land Use Screening?

A NEPA Land Use Screening is an analysis of the environmental impact a proposed undertaking may have on its surrounding area, addressing effects on Wilderness Areas, Wildlife Preserves, Threatened and Endangered Species, Architectural and Archaeological Resources, Indian Religious Sites, Floodplains, Wetlands and the impact of possible High Intensity Lights on the surrounding area.

How does this affect you?

The National Environmental Policy Act requires agencies to provide a detailed analysis of the impact an action has on the quality of the human environment as part of the process of obtaining a federal permit for the action.

How can GCE help you?

GCE has a fully qualified staff of Environmental Professionals to perform the necessary research and analysis to inform and advise the client on the appropriate measures to be taken in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act.