Phase II Investigations

What is a Phase II Investigation?

The primary objectives of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) are to evaluate the recognized environmental conditions identified in the Phase I ESA or Transaction Screen process for the purpose of providing sufficient information regarding the nature and extent of contamination to assist in making informed business decisions about the property; and where applicable, providing the level of knowledge necessary to satisfy the requirements of the CERCLA LLPs. Physical sampling and laboratory analyses confirm whether no further investigation or additional investigations are required or if remedial action is needed to restore the site to the appropriate condition for its intended use.

How can GCE help you?

GCE applies its years of experience and expertise to customize each Phase II Investigation for maximum effectiveness and minimal time and cost. As per the current ASTM Standards, GCE develops project-specific sampling and chemical testing programs, and follows applicable field screening and analytical techniques. GCE is well-practiced with a wide variety of sampling equipment and uses state-of-the-art certified laboratories for sample analyses. Upon completion of an investigation, GCE provides a comprehensive written report detailing the sampling rationale, the sampling protocols and procedures employed, an explanation of the analytical results, and, as necessary, an in-depth description of the recommended subsequent action(s).