Geoprobe® Drilling

What Is Geoprobe® Drilling?

Geoprobe® is a hydraulically-powered, direct push machine that uses both static force and dynamic percussion force to advance sampling tools into the ground to a variety of depths to facilitate subsurface sampling. The “direct push” technique refers to tools being “pushed” into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil or to make a path for the tool. A Geoprobe® is a quick, clean, and economical upgrade from conventional environmental drilling equipment.

How Can GCE Help You?

GCE’s highly trained staff is fully capable of operating the cutting-edge, company-owned Geoprobe®; direct push machine, which has proven to be efficient and highly-effective for the majority of the completed Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Groundwater Investigations/Studies, Geophysical Investigations, and Remediation projects. The company-owned Geoprobe® enables projects to be completed in a timely manner, without common delays and setbacks from external environmental drilling companies.