Groundwater Investigations/Studies

What Are Groundwater Investigations/Studies?

A Groundwater Investigation/Study consists of sampling and analyzing groundwater for the purpose of identifying or monitoring regulated contaminants in the groundwater from potential or known on-site or off-site sources. An evaluation of the laboratory analytical results and groundwater characteristics can help pinpoint the source(s) of contamination and establish the foundation for subsequent remediation strategies, if necessary. The groundwater on your subject property may be contaminated from on-site and/or off-site sources, leaving you potentially liable for extensive and often costly cleanups and remediation. Therefore, a Groundwater Investigation is essential, for both financial and liability reasons, to understanding the subsurface condition of your subject property.

How Can GCE Help You?

GCE provides comprehensive strategies for investigating groundwater quality and contamination. GCE thoroughly researches existing subsurface topography maps to determine potential contaminant migration pathways and optimal monitoring well locations. Groundwater samples are collected as per standard practice and are analyzed at state-of-the-art certified laboratories. When required, GCE provides innovative, cost-effective remedial strategies to attempt to restore the site to the appropriate condition for its intended use.