Remedial Implementation and Operation & Maintenance

What is Remedial Implementation and Operation & Maintenance?

Remedial Implementation is the process of remediating a site with a plan for results in order to comply with governmental regulations. Remedial Implementation is the path to gradual site improvement through a well executed plan.
Operation & Maintenance (O&M) is an important component of a Superfund response, ensuring that the remedy continues to perform as intended and remains protective of human health and the environment. O&M activities may include remedy operation, maintenance and monitoring, as well as monitoring of impacted media and implemented ICs.

How can GCE help you?

GCE provides simple and effective Remedial Implementations and Operation & Maintenance which will improve a site over time in compliance with governmental regulations. Our multi-talented remedial staff is able to address a wide variety of challenges, assuring you an efficient process that will achieve your remediation goals.