This is an example of a GCE spill prevention and monitoring tank system. This upgrade will prevent ground contamination from a spill. It includes an advanced monitoring device that will accurately detect a leak in the event that a spill should occur.

Spill Prevention

What is Spill Prevention?

Spill Prevention is the monitoring of a site’s prevention or reduction of discharge of pollutants to drainage systems, watercourses, and landmasses. The Spill Prevention reduces the chances for spills, stopping the course of spills, containing and cleaning up spills and properly disposing of spill materials in compliance with the remediation design.

How does this affect you?

Spill Prevention is important in keeping on-site hazardous materials or petroleum products from becoming a problem.

How can GCE help you?

GCE works closely with the client and site managers to ensure all on-site hazardous materials or petroleum products have secondary containments and other spill prevention measures in place.


This room has been prepared for a possible spill — the door has a seal so that the possible spill is contained within the room. In addition, the ground has been painted with a heavy-duty ground sealing paint.