A tank system upgrade.

Tank Testing, Upgrade and Repair

What is Tank Testing, Upgrade and Repair?

Tank Tightness Testing should be performed regularly on tanks that are on a site to comply with government regulations. The regular testing of tanks will ensure that all repairs are performed before a leak or spill exists. A Tank Test is the first step towards taking appropriate measures towards Tank Upgrades and Tank Repairs. More information on tank testing can be found at

How does this affect you?

It is important to closely monitor tanks on a site to ensure that accidents and violations are prevented. If a problem is found, it should be treated immediately to ensure you stay compliant with all federal and local laws.

How can GCE help you?

GCE has a specialized team of professionally-trained and qualified Environmental Professionals that will oversee the regular testing of tanks and make applicable repairs. We provide documentation for all completed tests and repairs for your records.

This is an example of a GCE upgrade to a tank system. In this un-manned oil tank room, should a tank leak occur, this alarm will sound to alert the building of the spill.